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Chihuly Pendleton Blanket No. 6

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Chihuly Pendleton Blanket No. 6

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Eleven years ago, Chihuly collaborated with Pendleton Woolen Mills to produce Blanket No. 1, the first in a series of limited edition blankets designed by Chihuly. That early collaboration resulted in a blanket that brought together the design elements in Chihuly’s work and the craftsmanship of Pendleton’s mills to create a blanket that was truly unique. 

Unlike the first blanket in the series, the newest blankets allowed Chihuly to create patterns that would have been difficult to realize eleven years ago due to recent innovations at Pendleton. With this new freedom Chihuly pushed the limits of the looms, creating patterns that are expressive and gestural in a way that is distinctive of his work.

Each blanket has been produced in a numbered edition of 250 and is accompanied by the book Chihuly's Pendletons.

  • 82% Pure Wool and 18% Spool Spun Cotton Warp
  • 64 x 80"