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Holiday Hanging Globe Terrarium

SKU: 400007347694

$19.99 $17.99 Member Price

Bring the outside in with living accents! Perfect gift for a college student or anyone who likes natural beauty that needs minimal care and upkeep. Air plants gather all their nutrients from the air. They are the only plants that don't need any soil. They make not only a great decorative element, but also one your friends will be interested in learning about!

Comes with hanging loop for wire, ribbon, or string. The terrarium is also flat on the bottom, and can be set on a desk, table, shelf, or windowsill.

Approx. 4" tall. The glass loop for hanging adds another .75". Almost 4" wide at the widest point.

The terrarium includes one air plant, reindeer moss, and a small item of decorative holiday cheer!  The color and species of your air plant may vary based on seasonality.

Air plants are so easy to care for!

  • Bright light with no direct sun.
  • Watering instructions.  Weekly: Remove plant from globe and mist plant with water 2 times weekly.  Monthly: Once a month remove plant and soak plant overnight.
  • No soil.
  • Keep from freezing.