DVD | Bruce Munro Light Documentary

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Bruce Munro marvels thousands with his ability to create focused largescale art installations in the medium of light. British-born Munro spent much of his twenties living in Australia, where he took inspiration from its magnificent landscapes. Years later, and inspired by these experiences, he embarked on his first large-scale light installation, created in a field behind his Wiltshire home. This life-changing event brought into existence his first-ever Field of Light and launched Bruce Munro as one of the world’s foremost artists in the medium of light. Botanical gardens around the world now act as the canvases for his artwork. Experience the journey as Bruce Munro brings his installations to life in the documentary film, LIGHT Bruce Munro. Viewers take a virtual walk through the artist’s exhibitions and come away with an appreciation for light as an art medium and Munro’s ability to see the possibilities in the spaces that surround us.

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