Members: you can use a special member code to get 20% off our book Desert Landscape School: A Guide to Desert Landscaping and Maintenance.

Here’s how it works:

Only one member discount promo code can be used per order. 

      1. When you want to use the member 20% off discount for this book:

  • Use this promo code:  DBGschool
  • Only buy the book when you use the DBGschool code.  (No other items ordered with DBGschool will receive any discount, so you will miss your regular 10% off if you purchase other items at the same time as the book.)

      2. Use your regular member discount code when shopping for all products besides the book.  If you purchase the book Desert Landscape School at the same time you are using your regular member discount code for 10% off for most other products, you will also receive only 10% off for Desert Landscape School.



 As always, enter the promo code into the “Have a Promo Code?” field on the Shopping Cart page and then click the “APPLY” button.

 promo code in cart example


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