Sonoran Desert Bloom - 100% Pure Raw Honey

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  • Size: 12 oz.

Our honey is 100% pure, raw honey, straight from the Sonoran desert. 

Each flavor is unique, AKA, we don’t blend varieties together like the other guys… 

And we are kosher, SQF Certified (yup, we have an uber-clean processing warehouse), family owned, and we won Arizona’s best honey last year!

Our most robust, complex honey varietal hails from the harsh landscape of the Sonoran desert. Naturally layered with the unique flora of the Southwest, our Arizona Desert Blend reflects the hearty flavor of mesquite wood, the delicate blooms of cacti and wildflowers, and just a hint of wild desert sage.

Rango Honey was founded with a simple and pure promise - to offer only the highest quality raw, natural honey from the Sonoran Desert.

A family-owned company, Rango Honey harvests raw honey and bee pollen from more than 1,500 hives located throughout the Sonoran Desert, one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in North America.